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Marvin Rolf
Read More about Marvin’s meld of science, animals and sheer dedication.

Hawkeye Care Center Sioux Rapids’ residents receive some of the most consistent and superbly skilled nursing and long-term care from employees who get to know them personally and take pride in providing one-on-one attention.

We are a small, tight-knit family that believes in having lots of fun daily while caring for residents wholly through personalized care, fresh, delicious home-cooked meals and consistent involvement in activities and the community. We’re proud of our longtime employees who work tirelessly to ensure residents enjoy every day.

As a Hawkeye Care Center, we’re part of a phenomenal family of senior care communities with strong, supportive leadership and roots in Iowa that go back more than four decades.

Our Core Values were created to bring out true happiness, positivity and fun for residents and responsibility, innovation, leadership and trust in employees.

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“I can’t imagine a day when the most important thing isn’t my resident. It’s so much fun and you can’t believe how much you can learn from them.”

Stories from the Heartland

Every resident at a Hawkeye Care Center has a story to tell about his or her journey through life. The person they are today is an evolution of the people they’ve met, and the influences, actions, events, challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced throughout the decades. We are proud to be a part of every resident’s story. And support them in the next chapter of their life.

Marvin Rohlf

Marvin’s Heartland story is a meld of science, animals and sheer dedication. For 38 years, Marvin was a top Animal Nutritionist. During his notorious time with the company he conducted numerous research studies involving cattle, hogs, sheep, laying hens and brood cows. Marvin oversaw several employees and was in charge of quality control for both the state and federal agencies. He often commuted between plants on a corporate aircraft and traveled extensively as a public speaker on the topic of animal science.

Marvin held membership in number of national associations such as The American Society of Animal Science, American Society of Poultry Science and many more. Today he reflects on his robust career and loves to walk through the dedicated Golden Sun room at the Estherville Museum.

Michael Bennett

Michael joined in April; referred by a NorthStar case worker. Michael grew up in the community. At age 6 he started playing violin and continued playing for years. He went to Grinnell College and was part of the orchestra (violin). He secured his BA in English and went to Southern Illinois University for 1 1/2 more years, graduate school: English. His grades were slipping so he did not finish his degree. He returned to Iowa to live but also spent time living in Chicago. He loves the arts. He began playing guitar as well and started a massive book collection. He collection grew to thousands of books that he kept when he owned his home. He reported having to get rid of them when he moved out of this home but did bring several to his new home. His book case showcases his interests. He has several books of language and he is teaching himself to learn Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. This is primarily because he wants to be able to read books in multiple languages. His interest in the arts extends to Classical music as well and classic authors. John Steinbeck and the Grapes of Wrath is notable favorite. Michael is well educated and speaks eloquently although cognitive abilities are clearly slightly impaired.

He reported that he constantly wants to learn new things and keep his mind sharp. He watches the news daily, reads constantly, listens to radio, and does word find puzzles. Michael is happy at the Villa thus far and enjoys the people and welcomes conversation.

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